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  • Laura MacLucas

11th Hour Yellowfin

We were lucky enough to welcome the Hudghton family on their first fishing charter in Vanuatu. It was a tough few hours with it all looking very quiet out there. All the fish seemed to be taking the day off!

Not one to ever give up Russ kept up the search and spotted a small gathering of birds in the distance. We worked the area and saw the odd 30-50KG Yellowfin busting on the surface, despite this they were not being co-operative and the action didn't last as the Tuna smashed small clusters of flying fish on the surface. Time was up for the charter but Russ wasn't prepared to quit and made a few well timed passes over the area, before we knew it we had Yellowfins busting round the boat and had hooked up to a nice one that Byron fought successfully to the boat. Well done guys - perseverance pays off!

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Charter Vanuatu

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