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This Charter agreement is made between the following parties:

Trevor Russell Housby, trading as Nambas Fishing Charters, a company registered in Vanuatu under the number 40612 PO Box 3358, Port Vila, Vanuatu. Master/Captain: Trevor Russell James Housby. By Completing this form you are accepting the terms & conditions of this agreement.

To secure your charter booking please complete the form provided A 50% deposit is required to complete your booking.


1.If you wish to cancel your booking a credit will be provided to use at a future date (within 12 months) or we will endeavour to re-schedule your trip where availability allows. We advise you to take out adequate travel insurance to cover any losses incurred by unforeseen cancellation.

2. Cancellations caused by inclement weather, rough seas, storm warnings, mechanical defect or any other conditions beyond the control of the Captain will be rebooked on a future date agreeable to charter party and Captain. We advise you to take out adequate travel insurance to cover any losses incurred by unforeseen cancellation.

3. Share charters are dependent on a minimum number of anglers to complete the trip. Should the minimum number of anglers not be met then the booked anglers can either pay the additional costs for the trip to go ahead or receive a credit towards a trip at another time.

4. The Captain has the final word concerning the vessels sailing.

5. All rates apply to the charter of the boat with a five (5)-passenger limit, unless otherwise specified. Live Aboard charters are for a maximum of 4 passengers only.

6. The Captain may cancel any charter without refund for any of the following reasons:

a) Said charter is intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or acts in an unruly manner.

b) Said charter poses a threat to the safe operation of the vessel or obstructs the Captain from

his normal duties.

c)Any member of said charter demands to be returned to shore due to sickness or any other reason.

7. Tagging and/or releasing of all unwanted fish is strongly recommended. All fish caught is property of Nambas Fishing Charters. We are happy to provide you with some fish to take home at the Captain’s discretion.

8. No firearms or explosives will be allowed on board the vessel.

9. In return for accepting these conditions, the Captain of said vessel will offer the following to all charter members:

a) All necessary tackle, equipment and bait unless specified by the Captain.

b) All necessary insurance and life-saving equipment as required by law. Life jackets are located in the fly bridge.

10. Lost, damaged, destroyed equipment, damage to the vessel or any of its fixtures and fittings may be charged to the charter party at the Captain’s discretion.

11. Assumption and release from liability. Client assumes all responsibility and liability associated with

their participation or observation of said charter fishing, and further releases and holds Trevor Russell Housby T/A Nambas Fishing Charters harmless from any and all causes of action, suits, and other legal proceedings brought by any third party associated with care, use or maintenance of Nambas Fishing Charters fishing equipment or boat and Nambas Fishing Charters performance of the agreed upon charter fishing services.

12. Personal Safety: The owners of Nambas Fishing Charters have taken the necessary

precautions to provide a safe boating experience, however the ocean has many variables. The

owners, managers and employees of Nambas Fishing Charters are not, under any

circumstances, responsible for your personal safety. All passengers board at their own risk. Existing medical conditions should be brought to the attention of the Captain prior to boarding.

13. Medical/Travel Insurance including medical evacuation is mandatory. Nambas Fishing Charters accepts no responsibility for any costs or losses incurred due to cancellation for any reason. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate insurance to cover any disruption to your trip.

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