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500lbs Blue Marlin

Another fantastic day out and a first Marlin to remember for our angler! It was only a 6hr fishing charter but as it often does,the fishing in Vanuatu did not disappoint.

The day started with some excitement when a 300lbs Blue Marlin crashed the short corner lure. Despite giving us a brief aerial display the fish decided he didn't want to play and parted company with the hook.

It wasn't long before the Koya Poi Dog was back in the water and doing its thing when a bigger appeared and had a go at our mudflap quickly switched onto the short corner and with a huge explosion of water the fish engulfed the lure. After some fast driving from Russ we started to win some line back after the fish had peeled off at speed across the surface.

Even on the leader the Marlin was still feeling fresh and used all of its 500lbs to give Laura a work out on the leader.

A great day for all and another healthy Blue Marlin released for Nambas.

Fishing Vanuatu Blue Marlin on Nambas

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