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  • Laura MacLucas

Reeltime Dogtooth Expedition

We just did a 4 day live aboard with Matt Cini from Reel Time Fishing Charters, Phillip Smth& Stuart Miller. The focus was on dogtooth and the boys caught their fair share, they also got absolutely smashed at some spots. There was also all usual suspects from the reef, blue fin trevally, GTs, coral trout, green job fish, sharks and more.... The guys had such a good time they have already booked for next year, so I'm sure the will come back with some shiny new gear and some scores to settle!!! Zak Miller we are looking forward to seeing how hard you can pull on the Doggies after your Dad put on such a good performance.

Dogtooth on Nambas Vanuatu

Monster Barracuda Vanuatu Nambas

Dogtooth for Matt Cini with Nambas Vanuatu

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