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  • Laura MacLucas

The Ultimate Adventure - Nambas Liveaboard Trips Vanuatu

Most anglers will agree that doing a 6 day long live aboard in the rich fishing waters of Vanuatu has got to be on the bucket list!

On our recent trip with the Mizzi family and a few friends they certainly got the full Vanuatu Fishing adventure. With the sheer distances covered on a live aboard we are able to reach the best, un-touched fishing spots Vanuatu has to offer. The boys got the rude awakening to fishing for Dogtooth Tuna. These hard pulling fish soon take advantage of any weak spots in your knots or tackle. With Stella reels screaming the guys all got bent in the corner and realised the sheer power of the fish they were dealing with. After the initiation was over the guys started to win some battles and caught some impressive fish. Especially with one bumper session on the jigs where they caught 24 Dogtooth before lunch. As always in Vanuatu the sheer variety of fish to be caught is unreal. The guys landed Mahi Mahi, Coral Trout, Red Bass, Sailfish and lots more.

Its not just the fishing that makes these live aboards a trip of a life time. On these trips we travel to remote islands inhabited by the friendly local ni-Vanuatu people, these guys don't get lots of visitors so there is always a warm welcome, especially when there is fish to be handed out. Our crew had a blast meeting the locals, practicing the local language Bislama and handed out huge amounts of fish to feed the villages.

The guys had a trip of a lifetime and once we had waved them off on dry land in Santo we were lucky enough to visit our good friends Skye and Di who run the fabulous Turtle Bay Lodge in Espiritu Santo. Turtle Bay is a fantastic spot for a break in Santo. I can't wait to go back

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