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  • Laura MacLucas

A first Striped Marlin for Andrea

It was a dream come true for novice angler Andrea Delaney, she was clearly excited by the prospect of her first big game fishing trip. As the lures went out Captain Housby showed her the ropes and correct technique in the chair. It wasn't long before she had her first fish on, a nice Mahi Mahi. At this point Andrea would have been happy with that but we still had plenty of fishing time left so Captain Housby started working his marks looking for Andrea's first Marlin.

After a couple of hours Captain Housby called out as he saw a movement behind the long rigger, instantly followed by a huge crash bite... the fish pulled line off the 130 shimano reel then unfortunately disconnected. The disappointment didn't last long though a couple of striped Marlin started to attack every lure in the spread. Crewman Lani Mantai quickly dropped a lure back to a fish and Andrea was hooked up to her first Marlin which went leaping across the surface in a blistering run. Andrea couldn't believe what she was seeing but kept her head and did a great job in the chair to quickly get the fish to the boat.

To celebrate everyone headed to the local Wahoo bar to eat the Mahi Mahi and weigh the Marlin. The Marlin didn't go to waste and was donated to 2 of the local villages for their upcoming celebrations of Independence Day in Vanuatu.

Striped Marlin on Nambas

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