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  • Laura MacLucas

Epic 5 Hour Marlin Battle

Our 2 anglers got more than they bargained for yesterday on a half day charter with Nambas Fishing Charters. Both anglers were clear that they wanted a bit of fun and would be happy with a 15KG Yellowfin Tuna. Having only put the lines in the water 30 minutes before we were approaching the FAD when the long corner popped out of the clip. We knew it was a decent Blue Marlin when an enormous tail could be seen cruising away after the bite. Line was screaming off the 130 Shimano Tiagra. The angler was positioned in the chair a little did he know what he was in for. After 45 minutes it was clear that this was going to be a prolonged fight. The fish has gone straight down and we suspected it was tail wrapped. With over 650 metres of line out we all settled in for some hard graft. The Anglers swap out of the chair a few time to try and rest aching muscles and even the skipper took a turn so the guys could rest. Eventually after 5 hours of grim determination we got the fish to the surface. It looked a good fish and unfortunately as we suspected it was badly tail wrapped and had died during the fight. Despite 5 people and several rope systems there was no way this fish was coming in the boat. We started a steady tow back to base at Havannah. Word had spread that a decent fish was coming in and we were greeted by an excited audience at Havannah's famous Wahoo Bar. The fish came out 670lbs and obviously the anglers were exhausted but delighted. In true Vanuatu style nothing went to waste and the Marlin was shared amongst the local villages. A great effort by all!

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