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  • Laura MacLucas

98KG Yellowfin Tuna

We caught a real one today !!! Daniel Cobanov and his family were out on a full day trip for his 40th birthday present, he had hopes of a big Tuna and thats exactly what he got. In my time in Vanuatu its the biggest I've seen or heard of, we measured the fish and used the formula to give us a weight. It came out at 217lbs (98.6kgs) and looked every bit of it, big enough that it got the royal treatment and came through the door. Daniel's sons Noah & Jonah both got to catch some big skipjacks up to 13 kgs or so and the weather was perfect and the sea flat calm, what better birthday present can one ask for !!! Yet again i have to say thank you to Eric Koyanagi for his superior lure crafting, this fish swam through a mixed spread to single out a baby Poi Dog, the fish obviously had taste is all I can say !!!!!

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